Assignment Descriptions

Reading Worksheets (5 @ 5 points each, or 25/100 points)

Due: beginning of each week.

You may fill these out by hand or in Adobe Acrobat.

How will I grade this?

You will get the full 5 points per worksheet if you complete all parts and submit it on time.

Why do you have to do this?

These worksheets will help you understand how to 1) identify different types of information formats, and 2) recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each type of format.

You will not be graded on these worksheets, but you are required to complete them for credit, and they count as 25% of your final grade.

Download (PDF)

Reflections (6 @ 5 points each, or 30/100 points)

Due: end of each week

These will be submitted via Canvas.

How will I grade this?

You will get the full 5 points if you complete a reflection (approximately 250-300 words) and submit it on time.

Why do you have to do this?

Reflecting on your experiences in consultations and in the research lab will help you make connections to the content we explored in the first half of the course. This is called “metacognition,” or, thinking about what you have learned so far. You should be able to read over all of your reflections and see themes emerge by the end of the term.

Learning Object (20/100 points)

Due: Friday, December 17 @ noon

This is a group project that will allow students to take a particular topic, resource, or methodology and create a digital learning object (video, screencast, podcast, tutorial, etc.) for W&L students to help with research projects. Topics and formats will be cleared with Professor Abdoney by Friday, November 29.

How will I grade this?

There is a rubric here.

Why do you have to do this?

The best way to learn something is by teaching it to someone else. These digital learning objects will require you to synthesize what you have learned in DCI 190 and make it accessible to a layperson.

Engagement (25/100 points)

It is important that you show up to class. If you cannot show up in person, we will have a virtual option for you. If you still cannot make a certain class period, please contact Professor Abdoney to schedule a make up session or assignment.

It is also important to show up to your scheduled “lab” times for consultations and research lab shifts. If you need to reschedule with a classmate, be sure to pay back the favor to them.