Resource Assignments


Using the resource you were assigned (outlined below) create a learning object using LibGuides. You should provide the following information:

  • A link to the resource for W&L community
  • A somewhat detailed description of the resource (~100-250 words)
    • What subjects are covered? What classes/majors would find this resource useful?
    • What dates are covered?
    • What is indexed? Journal articles? Newspapers? Images? Old/rare books? Datasets? All of the above?
    • Does it provide full text? Some full text? No full text?
    • How do you search it?
      • Combining keywords
      • Author searching
      • Limiting search results
      • “Cited by” searching
  • Describe 3 interesting tricks to using this resource
    • Include at least 1 screenshot of an “interesting trick”
  • Conclude with help for the user
    • Link to the resource’s help page, with some tips on navigating it


Tehila SocINDEX
Anna B. American Historical Newspapers
Anna J. CQ Press
Ashwin Business Source Complete
Charlie ERIC
Madison EEBO


Jenny Factiva
Sam Oxford African American Studies Center
Gus Scopus